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About Yummy Market

Founded in 2002 by a European family, Yummy Market set out to bring familiar and traditional tastes to the growing number of Eastern Europeans living in the Toronto North York neighbourhood. Collectively they understand sharing and enjoying good food – an integral part of European culture.

Today, Yummy Market’s world food assortment grew to become the largest in the GTA. From everyday food staples to imported and gourmet specialties, an enticing European shopping experience awaits in every aisle and department.

In a true European tradition, our passion for wholesome, made from scratch foods is the driving force behind everything we make in-store. We continue delivering on our promise of reuniting traditional flavours and stocking our shelves with affordable familiar and novelty items.

We believe there shouldn’t be a premium on great-tasting food. In fact, it’s both our company’s promise and commitment to offer great value on quality and freshness every day.

Source: Yummy Market