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About The Root Cellar

Established in 2012, The Root Cellar is an organic restaurant in London Ontario’s historic Old East Village serving local farm-to-fork fare. Part of the Forest City Worker Co-operative and closely aligned with On The Move Organics and London Brewing Co-operative, we pride ourselves on working in the neighborhood we live in and love, while serving up the best of our local foodshed.

Our mission is to change the food system that affects all of us. We believe that food is political, that the choices we make about food — what we choose to eat and whom we choose to support by doing so — resonate through our community, economy, and planet. At the foundation of this project is a commitment to invigorating our community, discovering the plenitude of our local foodshed, supporting sustainable agricultural practices, and working cooperatively.

Food Sovereignty: The right of peoples to healthy, culturally-appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and these peoples’ right to define their own food and agriculture systems (Via Campesina).

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