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About Sheridan Nurseries

For almost a century, Sheridan Nurseries has been providing superior products, services and helpful advice. We pride ourselves on our selection and quality, exceptional guest service and knowledgeable staff who are trained to answer just about any gardening questions you may have.

Sheridan Nurseries was founded in 1913 in a town called Sheridan, Ontario (now known as Oakville). We have grown a lot since then: 8 Garden Centres and over 900 acres of farmland. We are also a major supplier of goods to garden centres in eastern Canada and the U.S.A. Our nursery has also been responsible for several plant introductions including Green Gem and DeGroot’s Spire Cedar.

But being a leader doesn’t stop there; we have designed an Environmental Plan that will see changes at our offices, farms and garden centres as part of a long-term commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our products — we guarantee it!

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