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The former Fine Furniture Oasis building in downtown Swift Current has new life.

The store at 145 2nd Ave NW has been extensively renovated and is now an Ashley Furniture HomeStore. The new store was unveiled at a private event on Thursday and is open to shoppers today.

“We have so much respect and are so luck to be able to partner with an organization that had 40 years of business here,” said Troy Davis, the President of The Dufresne Group, which is the parent company of Ashley Furniture HomeStore in Canada. “We’ve completely re-decorated from top to bottom, we’ve added different vignettes, we’ve made adjustments to the office area, we’ve taken some additional floor space upstairs, and really tried to do our best in a smaller footprint to bring our concept to Swift Current, and we’re very happy with the result.”

The store will exclusively sell the Ashley Furniture product line along with major appliances and mattresses from other brands.

Also, many of the people that worked at Fine Furniture Oasis will be at the new store, including Store General Manager Melanie Ross, whose father, Murray Wiens, owned Fine Furniture Oasis before retiring in September.

“In the last month, I have met many wonderful people, each more than willing to share their knowledge with me,” Ross said. “It’s been a pleasure working for The Dufresne Group, who have taken me in as part of their family, and showed me what you can accomplish with hard work and dedication.”

“We’re so happy to have Melanie, and there’s been a couple of changes to the team, but we’ve got another six people that have been here for quite a long time,” Davis added. “We really worked hard to try to keep the team intact. They’ve done a great job for 40 years, and we’re very happy to have them as part of our team going forward.”

The new Ashley Furniture HomeStore is the third in Saskatchewan with other locations in Regina and Saskatoon. The Dufresne Group, based in Winnipeg, also operates 11 Dufresne Furniture stores in Manitoba and Ontario.

Source: Oasis Fine Furniture