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About Len’s Mill Stores


Len’s Mill Store always offers great quality at unbeatable low prices! There’s sew much more at Len’s Mill Stores! We are a retailer located in Southwestern Ontario (Canada), currently with ten HUGE factory outlet locations.

Since its inception in 1921, the retail outlet has changed from a manufacturer of children’s clothing to a clothing textiles retailer, to a factory outlet specializing in a diverse range of products.

Today Len’s Mill Store is a paradise for bargain hunters with everything you can imagine for quilting, sewing fabrics, yarns, crafts, home decor, house wares, clothing, and even a food line. Our fabric and yarn departments are the stores biggest sellers. Many of the area quilters have made Len’s Mill Stores their store of choice for fabrics and supplies.

Len’s Mill Stores started out in Port Dover as Norfolk Knitters in 1954 as a manufacturer of children’s clothing.

In 1970 Len Menary took over the business from the original five partners where he also opened a small outlet store. Len refers to his business as the “business by chance”.

In 1974 when heavy industry came to the Port Dover area causing labour difficulties, Norfolk Knitters was unable to remain competitive and was forced to close.

Considering to also closing the retail outlet, he was convinced by customers to keep it open. After studying several options Len decided to focus his attention on the retail business.

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