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About Johnvince Foods

Over the years, Johnvince Foods has continued to build on it’s leadership position. In the past several years, Johnvince Foods has sustained a capital investment program, installing “state of the art” processing and packaging machinery to transform raw material into finished goods for the bulk food and packaged goods trades. In the mid 90’s Johnvince Foods purchased the comprehensive right to the Planters brand (for Canada), from Hershey’s Canada. Presently, virtually every major grocery account in Canada, is purchasing their food requirements from Johnvince Foods.

Our Customers include Major Grocery Chains, Independent Grocery Stores, Grocery Produce, Grocery Wholesale, Club, Department Chains, Mass, Drug Retail, Major C-Stores, Independent C-Stores, Bulk Retailers, Wholesale Distributors.

In addition to domestic distribution, Johnvince Foods, out of its current 350,000 sq. ft. facility, has been exporting globally for the past decade to three different continents and several countries, including Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Caribbean Islands, Italy, France and England to name a few.

Source: Johnvince Foods