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About Fusion Supermarket

Fusion Supermarket is a multicultural grocery chain store. The 28,000 sft Fusion Supermarket is located at the Morningside & Sheppard in GTA. We provides a wide, growing and multicultural range of food, grocery items and prepared food to Canadian consumers. We are committed to be customer focused, cost effective, and innovative.

With a unique and attracting brand, clean and beautiful store, diversified food and products, excellent customer service, Fusion Supermarket has been welcomed by many different ethnic groups including immigrants, international students, and other Canadian consumers.

The Fusion Supermarket includes Produce Department, Meat Department, Fish & Seafood Department, Grocery Department, Deli Department, Diary department, Asian Kitchen, Bubble Tea and Bakery Department, Sushi, Dim Sum, Dessert, Steam Table Food. Besides different ethnic grocery products, we also offer food with a distinct menu that includes hard to find ingredients, spicy, from around the country and the world.

Fusion Supermarket offers fresh and imported foods from all over the world. We pick the best quality vegetables, meats, poultry, cheeses, seafood, frozen, groceries, snacks, and spices that each country has to offer. Our quality assurance and stringent sourcing standards mean that our customers have confidence in all our products. We prepare and display these products in attractive, clean and safe surroundings. The dedication of our buyers,

sales staff and researchers builds customer trust and confidence. It is all about a passion for food – in all its shapes and forms.

To appeal to the home cook and food lover, Fusion Supermarket supplies the very best in fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood, meat, poultry, spices, fine wines, health foods and snacks. We have a wide selection of environmentally responsible products and are committed to sustainable practices wherever possible. Customers are assured of quality at all times, thanks to our high safety standards.

Our vision and mission is to become a global retailer focused on wholly satisfying the lifestyle demands of our metropolitan customers by providing them with high quality, internationally sourced merchandise which is ethically and environmentally responsible.

Our merchandise includes quality food and lifestyle products which meet the needs of our customers, complemented by inspirational and exciting products which stimulate their desires as well. Fusion Supermarket is a creative retailer which carefully tailors each of the outlets to our target customers, thereby creating a unique shopping experience for all our customers.

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