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About Farmer Al’s

To save you money and to give you the best quality products at the lowest prices possible.

You will find a great selection of choice cuts of beef, veal, chicken, pork and rabbit, along with a well stocked deli with sliced meats, cold cuts, cheeses and olives.

For the family-on-the-go, Farmer Al’s offers ready-to-cook breaded cutlets, homemade sausage and meatballs as well as piping hot seasoned pork roasts or hot or cold slab pizzas.

All the produce sold at Farmer Al’s is personally inspected by Rick Longo who travels to local farms and wholesale markets three times a week to ensure every item meets the stores high standards of quality.

“The produces comes in several times a week, so you can always be sure it’s fresh,” Anthony Longo says. Farmer Al’s also has its own bakery on site, providing customers with fresh baked goods daily, including Calabrese bread, Abruzzese bread, rolls, Kaisers, Italian loaf, whole wheat and rye breads, pitas and more.

You’ll find everything you need on your weekly shopping list!

Source: Farmer Al’s