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About Canex

CANEX – What’s In It For You?

CANEX, Established in 1968, is a retail operation made up of a number of stores and services, designed specifically to meet the needs of the military community. In many ways, CANEX goes beyond the normal retail requirements in order to ensure the military community reaps extra benefit from the operation.

How, you ask? How about returning money to you -the members of the Canadian Forces community. Customers who shop CANEX are, in fact, putting money into their own communal account. Did you know that a large percentage of CANEX revenues from Canada and Germany are returned every year to the Base Fund of your Base/Wing? From there, the funds can go to support any number of projects and activities as determined by the Base Fund committee, including recreation programs like Brownies or Cubs, curling or skating, special events such as homecoming parties for deployed members, holiday festivities and the list goes on. Not only is money returned to the military community in the form of Base Funds, but CANEX also provides employment for spouses and children of Canadian Forces members. It’s a win-win situation.

What is CANEX?
The Canadian Forces Exchange System (CANEX), a division of the Canadian Forces Moral and Welfare Services (CFMWS), is tasked with supporting the Canadian Forces (CF) operational effectiveness, contributing to morale, esprit de corps and unit cohesion.

CANEX is a unit of the CF.

CANEX operates merchandising operations (retail outlets) and provides CF members with Advantage Programs at CF Bases, Wings and Units throughout Canada.

Source: Canex