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About Angelo’s Italian Bakery

We are a cafe, market & bakery that’s sole focus is customer satisfaction


Angelo’s Italian Bakery & Market is a bakery  with an atmosphere of class and sophistication and the feel of a worldly gourmet experience. If the marketing of grocery and the preparation and presentation of food could be considered an art form, it is obvious at Angelo’s.

Our market is dedicated to showcasing some of the finest delicacies the world has to offer. Our goal is to provide the ultimate in customer service. We will excite your senses with sights, tastes and aromas exclusive to our market. We encourage customers and staff interactions as well as allowing you to sample our food.


Angelo’s Italian Bakery & Market is now offering Gluten Free products that are handmade & baked fresh daily. We offer Buns, Bread, Brownies & More!!!

Drop in to see what Angelo’s is baking for you!

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